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Students' Reward Scheme

Under the present reward scheme certified mark sheets /certificates of students securing a certain percentage of marks and /or excelling in the fields of extracurricular activities in a particular academic session are invited from all parts of the country. Advertisements in this regard are published in newspapers and magazines in the months of July/August. Last date for receiving the required documents is 30th September of every year.

On the basis of the marks secured and the performance in extracurricular activities an all India Merit List is prepared. In the annual functions held by the Nyas students are given away certificates and awards.

For extracurricular activities eligibility criteria is that the student concerned should have represented her or his institution at state or national level. In short, Nyas tests everybody on the touchstone of merit and merit only.

About 5400 talented students have found place in the merit lists prepared by Nyas for the 1996-2015 period. .

Financial Help for Students

As one of the aims of the trust is to provide financial help for the brilliant but economically weak students, Nyas is inviting applications from the needy students from the year 2003 onwards. Till the year 2009 financial help worth Rs. 14.5Lakhs has been provided to the needy students, specially of Rajasthan.

After verifying the genuineness of the claim made by the applicants –brilliant but economically weak students- and considering their requirements a merit-cum-need list is prepared every year. Students securing First Division (60 % or more) marks are entitled for financial help.

Students are given financial aid of Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- every year depending upon the requirements of the students and availability of funds. The scheme is funded by the donations, interest earned of FDs. of the Nyas and the annual voluntary contribution of most of the trustees and the advisors.

For the period (2003 - till date) financial help of Rs.48 lakhs(approximately)has been provided to the needy students,specially to the students from Rajasthan.Till 2015,290 students have been helped by Nyas under the scheme.Lists of students include two MBBS Students,fifteen Engg.studendts, two polytechnic students,One C.A.,Students from 9th to PG classes and five physically challenged students.Among the students whom financial aid was sent 20 students were such,who had lost their fathers and the calamity had adversely affected their studies. Earlier(1996-2002)cash prizes were distributed and during that period prize-money worth Rs.3.25 lakhs was handed over to more than 400 selected students.Thus,a sum of Rs. 48 lakhs (app.) have been utilised for providing financial help or handing over cash prizes during the period 1996-2020.

If you want to help the academically sound but financially weak students, you can contact Nyas. Trust wants to work as a bridge between the needy students and the liberal donors. Contribution to adopt one student is Rs.11, 000/- for one year. You may adopt as many as students you want and sponsor their education.

For the year 2010 applications from 35 students have been received under this scheme

Most of the students' who have applied for help, are from very small villages of Rajasthan and their families are not in a position to bear the expenses for their education. As a matter of policy Nyas is not giving more details of these students here, but if any donor wants to know about the sponsored student Nyas will make available maximum details about the student.

Honoring the Toppers

Students of special caliber in the fields of education and extracurricular activities are invited to the annual award function and are honoured. Out of them one or two students are conferred upon Late Sh.Chagganbhai Purohit, Thakurala Memorial Award.
Achievements of a few of the Students invited / honoured / rewarded under the Scheme are as under : -

Class VIII

  • Sh.Ashwinkumar Purohit,Abu Road,Sirohee, 94.11% -2006.
  • Sh.Deepanjay Rajurohit,Neembaada,Paalee, 97.44%-2007.
  • Ms.Monica Rajpurohit,Roopavaas,Paalee, 94.3%-2008.
  • Sh.Arvindsinh Manoharsinh,Jethantri, 95.%-2009.

Class X

  • Sh.Suresh J Purohit,Chennai, 92.6%-2001.
  • Sh.Dinesh Rajpurohit,Modara,(physically handicapped student) 81%-2001.
  • Ms.Preeti Rajpurohit,Bikaner, 91.3%-2002.
  • Ms.Kanika Rajpurohit,Faridabad, 94.6%-2004.
  • Ms.Priyanka H,Tirpur, 94.2%-2005.
  • Ms.Sarika,Mumbai, (deaf and dumb student) securing first division -2005.
  • Ms.Punita D.Rajpurohit,Nadiyad, 92.57%-2006.
  • Ms.Shruti Hariprasad Purohit, Chennai, 93%-2007.
  • Sh.Kunal K Rajpurohit, Mumbai, 95% -2008.
  • Sh.Rajenh Bomanhalli(Kar.) 95.48%.
  • Sh.Akshaykumar M, Chennai, 95.4% -2010.
  • Sh.Bhagvanaram B. Chennai-96.6%,2011.
  • Kum.Aakanshaa Shankarsinh Rajpurohit Gajiyabad (UP)- 96.6%,2012.
  • Sh. Jagdish Narayanlal Chennai-97.8%,2013.
  • Kum.Riya Bharatsinh Rajpurohit,Satara-Maharashtra-96.80%,2014.
  • Sh.Naresh Doongarsing,Chennai-96.80%,2015.
  • Sh. Devendra B Jagarval,Chennai-97%,2016.
  • Vivekanand Jagdishprasad Rajpurohit Chennai-100%,2017.
  • Kum.Khushi Praveensingh Rajpurohit Hospet - 98.4 %,2018.

Class XII

  • Sh.Vijayendrasinh,Bhilwada,6th rank in all Rajasthan Sci.Merit list-2000.
  • Sh.PraveenD Purohit,Madurai,3rd rank in all T N Com.Merit list-2002.
  • Ms.Neetu Baboosinh,Chennai,(Com), 89.3%- 2003.
  • Smt.Madhubala Purohit,Ratlam-Appeared for class XII exam with her daughter and secured first division marks-2005.
  • Sh.Madansinh R Rajpurohit,Chennai, (Com), 92.3%- 2006.
  • Ms.Pooja Amarsinnh Rajpurohit,Chennai ,(Com), 94%- 2007.
  • Sh.Vikramsinh H Rajpurohit,Chennai,(Sci), 97.6%-2008.
  • Sh.Sagar.M.Chennai (Com.), 93.4%-2009.
  • Ms.Meenakumari B Chennai (Com) 96.5% -2010.
  • Ms.Santosh Purohit,Ichalkaranjee, First girl to succeed in Mah.PMT-2001.
  • Ms.Treta Purohit,Jodhpur, 8th rank in Rajasthan PMT-2002.
  • Sh.Prakash Devisinh Rajpurohit,Gajiyabad, 4th rank in I I T merit list -2003.
  • Ms.Astha Purohit,Mumbai, 9th rank in Maharashtra PMT-2003.
  • Sh.Khetmal Poosalal Purohit,Roopavaas, 93.6% in Rajasthan PMT-2006.
  • Sh.Arunkumar Prithvisinh Rajpurohit,Abu road, successful in AIPMT-2007.
  • Ms.Chandanee B Purohit, Aanand- BDS(Gujarat)-2007.
  • Ms.Annu Mahendrakumar Rajpurohit, Jodhpur –RPMT,2008.
  • Sh.Hemantkumar Narsaram, Dolpura(Jalor)- RPMT,2008.
  • Sh.Sahdevsinh Dhokalsinh, Jodhpur- RPMT,2008 .
  • Ms.Dimple Rajoosinh Rajpurohit, Bhivandi, Mahrastra PMT-2009.
  • Ms.Neelam Rajpurohit,Bikaner,RPMT-2010.
  • Ms.Neha Rajurohit,Jodhpur,CLAT-2010.
  • Kum.Monika Narpatsinh Rajpurohit,Bikaner,-7th Rank in State Merit List (Arts) -2011
  • Sh.Akshay kumar M Chennai-97.41%,2012.
  • Sh.Mahesh J Rajpurohit-Chennai-98%,2013.
  • Sh.Madanlal Ramesh-Chennai-98.75%,2014.
  • Kum.Chandra B.Purohit,Chennai-98%,2015.
  • Sh.Hansrajsingh Ramsingh-Lakha,Jaisalmer-RPMT,2011.
  • Sh.Kamlesh Rajpurohit,Jodhpur- AIIMS,2012.(First student to join AIIMS)
  • Sh.Vikramsinh Gumansinh Silor,Barmer-RPMT, 2012.
  • Sh.Priyavrat Ganpatsinh Rajpurohit,Jodhpur-RPMT, 2013.
  • Sh.Ashok Durgsinh Rajpurohit,Peelava-Jodhpur-I I T,2014.
  • Sh.Gumansinh Dilipsinh Rajpurohit,Asotara-RPMT,2014.
  • Sh.Gaurav Kishorsinh Rajpurohit,Hyderabad-NIT,2015.
  • Kum.Deepika Sankar Rajpurohit 96.17%,2016.
  • Renunka M Chennai (Com) 98.25%,2017.
  • Sh.Devendra Bheeksingh Chinnai (Com) 99 %,2018.
  • Kum.Meena Hukamsingh Rajpurohit Bavadi (Arts) 92.4%,2018.
  • Kum. Indu Vijaysingh Rajpurohit Rasisar (NEET),2018.


  • Sh.Tagsinh Rajpurohit,Jodhpur,Gold Medal B.A.(Hon.)Sanskrit -1997.
  • Sh.Narpatsinh Rajpurohit,Panchdoliyar,Gold Medal B.A.(Hon.)History -2001.
  • Sh.Surendrapalsinh Rajpurohit,Norava,Gold Medal B.A.(Hon.)Pol.Sci.-2004.
  • Ms.Renuvati Rajpurohit,Jodhpur,Gold Medal B.A.(Hon.)Economics.-2005.
  • Sh.Savaisinh Rajpurohit,Bilada,Gold Medal B.A.(Hon.)Sanskrit-2008.
  • Sh.Yahspal Rajpurohit,Chittorgadh, M A T,2009.
  • Kum.Sanju Mahendrasingh,Pune-B.C.A.- 91.3%,2011.
  • Kum.Punita Dhansingh Rajpurohit,Nadiyad(Guj.)-Gold Medal in B.Com.Exams,2011.
  • Kum.Deepika Shayamsingh,Mumbai-B.Com- 85.42%,2012.
  • Kum.Aruna Ishvarlal Purohit,Mumbai-B.Com.,2014-81.5%.
  • Kum.Netal Motilal Purohit,Mumbai-BCom.,2015-86.5%.
  • Sh.Kishor G Purohit,Mumbai,14th rank in All India C A Merit list -2001.
  • Sh.Dheeraj V Purohit,Mumbai,13th rank in All India C A Merit list -2002.
  • Ms.Urvi R Purohit,Ahmedabad, First girl C A of the community-2004.
  • Sh.Ranjeetsinh Jabbarsinh,Rajpurohit,Mumbai- C A,2007.
  • Ms.Anshu Rajpurohit,Mumbai- C A 2009.
  • Sh.Vachanraj L Purohit,Thane- C A,2009.
  • Ms.Ankita Babusingh Rajpurohit,Mumbai -2011,CA.
  • Sh.Naresh Satish Rajpurohit,Pune-2011,CA.
  • Kum.Kavitaben Harishbhai Purohit,Valsaad-2013,CA.
  • Sh.Bhanvarsinh Shayamsinh Rajpurohit, Mumbai - 2014, CA.
  • Kum.Pragya Meghsinh Rajpurohit, Chennai - 2015,CA.
  • Sh.Yash Vishansinh Rajpurohit, Mumbai - 2015, CA.
  • Kum.Karishma Jaggubhai Purohit,Ahmedabad-CA,2016.
  • Kum.Harshita Purohit- the youngest CA of community,2016.
  • Smt Leena Rajpurohit, Bikaner - 2017,CA.
  • Sh.Akshay Madansingh,Chennai - 2017,MBBS.
  • Kum. Manasvi Dilipsingh Rajpurhit – 61st Rank in all India IIT Merit - 2017.

Post Graduation

  • Sh.Shankarsinh Rajpurohit,-Bikaner,Gold Medal M.A.(Rajasthani)-1997.
  • Sh.Bhavanisinh Rajpurohit,-Jodhpur,Gold Medal M.A.(History)-2000.
  • Sh.Shravansinh Rajpurohit,-Sarvadee,Gold Medal M.A.(Rajasthani)-2001.
  • Smt.Arpisha Purohit,-Himmatnagar(Guj.),Gold Medal P G Home Sci.-2002.
  • Sh.Dinesh Rajpurohit,-Bilada,Gold Medal M.Sc.(Botany)-2002.
  • Sh.Karanpalsinh Rajpurohit,-Bikaner,Gold Medal M.A.(Philosophy)-2002.
  • Sh.Narpatsinh Rajpurohit,Panchdoliya-Gold Medal M.A.(History)-2003.
  • Ms.Kavita Rajpurohit,-Jodhpur,Gold Medal M.A.(Economics)-2003.
  • Ms.Akansha Anil Purohit,Indor,Gold Medal.
  • Ms.Sheela Rajedrasinh Rajpurohit, Kalyan, Thane, M.Sc., 80.96% - 2012.
  • Kum.Punita Dhansinh Rajpurohit, Nadiyaad, Gold Medal, (M.Com.) - 2013.
  • Kum.Divya Rajpurohit, Jodhpur, M.A., Hindi, (Gold Medal) - 2015.
  • Sh.Arunkumar Prithvirajsinh Rajpurohit, Javaalee, Pali, MS (Ortho) - 2015.
  • Kum.Monika Narendrasingh Bikaner,Gold Medal (M.A.-History)-2016.
  • Sh.Rajendrasinh Mangalsinh Rajpurohit Jalore (M.Sc. 86.33) - 2018.

Sports & Other Activities

  • Ms.Neha Rajpurohit,Jodhpur,Gold medal Raj.Lawn Tennis tournament, 1997.
  • Ms.Lalita Purohit,Belgaum,4 year old girl diving from height of 40 feet, 1999.
  • Ms.Swati Purohit,Bikaner,Gold Medal l Rajastha.Chess Championship,1999.
  • Sh.Kiran Vyas(Lonavala),Gold Medal at International Karate Meet,2000.
  • Ms.Mamta Purohit,Baggad,Jhunjhunu,President Medal-Best Guide-2000.
  • Ms.Bhavana Rajpurohit,Bikaner-Best Scout (Rajasthan),2000.
  • Sh.Magsinh Rajpurohit,Lakha(Jaisalmer),President-medal as Best Scout,2001.
  • Ms.Annapoorna Rajpurohit,Bikaner,Leading Republic Day Parade,Delhi,2002.
  • Ms.Neelam Rajpurohit,Bikaner,President-Medal as Best Guide,2003.
  • Ms.Pooja Rajpurohit,Bikaner, Selected for State Volley Ball Team-2003.
  • Sh.Anant Rajpurohit,Banglore,Winner of more than 20 medals at National and international levels in eqatarian comptitions-2007.
  • Ms.Shilpa Rajpurohit,Udaipur,Winner State Level Chess Competition,2008.
  • Ms.Hema Shivnathbhai Purohit,Ahmedabad,State Karate Gold Medal,2009.
  • Sh.Jitendrakumar Rajpurohit,Tonk,2nd rank All India Debate Compition, 2003.
  • Ms.Vimala Rajpurohit,Sankarana,First at State level Kavita Paath-2007.
  • Sh.Narayansinh Rajpurohit,Agvrai-Rank in State level PTET,2007.
  • Sh.Jagdishsinh,Ropavaas.(Handicapped)-Rank in PTET Merit List-2007.
  • Sh.Narpatsinh Rajpurohit,Agavari(Jalore),State Level Literary Award -2008.
  • Sh.Yajuvendrasinh Rajpurohit,SVP - Jodhpur Uni.Students'Union 2001.
  • Sh.SureshPurohit,Sirohi,President Banswada law college Student Union 2001.
  • Sh.Ganpatsinh Gadana-Paalee,First in State level Essay Compitition-2009.
  • Sh.Sachin Mahendrasinh Kunwarada-Poetry-2010.
  • Ms.Manjeetkanvar Ghanshayamsinh Udaipur-Homeopathy-2010.
  • Sh.Parasml Vishnaram Aasotara-Best Scout 2010.
  • Ms.Sonal Purohit Indore-Student Union Election-2010.
  • Sh.Ranjitsinh Bherusinh Ahmedabad - 2012, Army.
  • Smt.Victoria Ajay Purohit,Indore – 2012, B.Ed.
  • Sh.Ravindrasinh Kisansinh Rajpurohit, Bikaner - 2013, Basketball.
  • Ms.Kavita Vijaysingh Rajpurohit,Bikaner - NCC - 2013.
  • Kum.Prerana Ravindrasinh Rajpurohit, Mumbai - 2014, Karate.
  • Sh.Rahul Mahendrasinh,Kuanaardaa, Jalore -2014,Republic Day-Parade.
  • Kum.Vahinisinh Mahavirsinh Rajpurohit,Jaipur,UPSC,2014-First Lady IPS officer.
  • Rajendra Khinvsingh Judiya Cricket - 2017.
  • Akash Sureh Purohit Mumbai UPSC - 2017.
  • Kum. Deepika Hanumansinh Rajpurohit Athletics- 2018.
  • Sh. Ahsoksingh Durgsignh B.Tech-IIT Roorkee- 2018.
Felicitation of Prominent Personalities

From time to time Nyas has honoured the prominent personalities who have excelled in the different fields of the life.
Nyas has felicitated following prominent personalities considering them source of inspiration for the students. These gentlemen were honoured with Safas/ Shawls and mementoes in the Annual Reward Functions.
  1. Hon’ble Swami Sh. Atmanandji Maharaj who is rightly considered as the light house in the field of education.
  2. Sh.(Dr.) Nrisinh Rajpurohit – Renowned figure of Rajasthani literature, winner of Kendriya Sahitya Academy Award and the President’s Best Teacher Award.
  3. Sh. (Col.) Narpatsinh Rajpurohit – Winner of Gold and Silver medals at International and Natioal level and member of Indian Polo Team.
  4. Sh.Dalpatsinh Dinkar – First Rajpurohit I P S officer.
  5. Sh.Narendrakumar Purohit –Outstanding Officer of Raj.Hi.Judicial Service.
  6. Sh.(Dr.)Girdharisinh Rajpurohit - Famous Surgeon of California (USA).
  7. Sh.(Col.) Jeevasinh Rajpurohit – Winner of three Gellantry awards including one for display of exemplary Bravery.
  8. Sh.Wing.Com.Rajesh Purohit-Winner of President’sVishist Seve Medal.
  9. Sh.Chainsinh Rajpurohit-Winner of President’s Police Medal.
  10. Sh.Chandra Purohit-Winner of Governer’s Police Medal.
  11. Sh.Shayamsingh Rajpurohit,Senior RAS officer
  12. Sh.Kailash Purohit-Director,Nuclear Power Corporation
  13. Sh.(Dr.)Pradeepsingh Rajpurohit,First Indian Foreign Service Officer.
  14. Sh.Baghsingh Rajpurohit-Dedicated social worker and Educationist.
  15. Sh.(Dr.)Bhanvarsingh Rajpurohit-Vice Chancellor of J N Vyas University of Jodhpur.
  16. Sh.(Dr.)Vedantacharya Dhayanaramji – Lighthouse of education,Sanskar and Social Reform.
  17. Sh. Gangasingh Rajpurohit IAS,Gujarat Cadre.
  18. Sh. Gordhansingh Purohit CA Senior Partner PWC.
Computers for Jodhpur Hostel

On a request made by the Jodhpur Hostel Nyas arranged installation of 10 computers at Hostel campus with the help of the Donors in the Year 2007.

Telephone Directory

Nyas undertook the ambitious project of preparing a Directory of the persons living in Mumbai Region(Thane, Navi Mumbai and Mumbai Districts).The Directory titled "Parichaayikaa" contained details of the names, educational qualifications, age, residential and official telephone numbers, addresses of more than 2000 persons living in these districts. It was published in 2005 and is most authentic reference guide for these districts.