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Other activities of the trust

Nyas is planning to prepare an All India Data Bank of : -

  1. Professors, teachers and people working in the fields of education and training of the students.
  2. Officers and officials of Central and state governments including Forces.
  3. Professionals in the fields of medicine, law, taxation, I T, business management.
  4. Industrialists, entrepreneurs and businessmen.
  5. Non Residents settled abroad .
  6. Students of class IX and above.

If you are among any of the above categories please send us the following details at our e-mail address : –

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Educational qualification
  4. Full postal address –(with pin code)
  5. E- mail address
  6. Category to which belong to (e.g. A or B etc.)
- Publication of a magazine for the guidance of students
- To provide computers to all hostels